Image Prevalence

1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

– The reproduction of images has become very popular because so many images have such powerful meanings and can still be related to things happening today. Therefore, designers are always creating newer and “better” images to surpass it all.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

– Designers now are using more of their own creativity and creating all of these new designs. This leaves us up and coming designers to really come into the scene powerfully and putting everything we have and can still create on the table. 

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicationing with voters?

– In order to have the internet on your side you really must use it effectively. McCain did not appeal to those who are always using the internet. 

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